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Our Sustainability

Look after the Land and the Land will Look after You , destroy the land and it will destroy you

Sustainability Overview

            SEC is dedicated to collaborate, coordinate and connect with people within the campus and beyond. It is a cumulative effort to provide empowerment to the people, student and community that could builds a better sustainable future. Our approach has evolved a sustainable design for campus operations which is logical; flexible; testable; and to provide choices for various stakeholders to practice and adopt .We along with community facilitate systemic, institution-wide integration of sustainability principles into selected campus operations – ‘water-food-energy’ nexus to start with. We promote e a system framework to evaluate the selected green campus. Our method of sustainability has integrated it our institution policy and activities. We are adopting up-to-date knowledge of both environmental problems and technical solutions, We have taken the onus to lead society toward environmentally sustainable policies and practices.

             SEC has not confined it only on direct environmental aspects like paper use and waste handling, even though the main tasks of SEC, namely education, projects, research; co-operation with the surrounding villages, i.e. the indirect aspects, are likely to have a considerable environmental impact.

   Capacity building Centre

   Sewing Machine Training Centre

   Handicrafts Training Centre

   Honey Bees Training Centre

   Mushroom Cultivation Centre

   Sanitary Products Training Centre