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Welcome To Sophitorium

Your bright future is our mission

  Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Mission & Vision

The vision of Sophitorium Engineering College is to renovate the hidden capability and accelerate student academic life through quality education and exploration.With an agenda to create a cutting-edge hub of professional learning and applicable knowledge, SEC believes in a centre free from gender biased, religion and social stratification. Above all SEC firmly envisioned in creating a social capital from this knowledge centre.

To generate creative thinkers and analytical minds

To develop systems, infrastructure and solutions to serve the needs of society.

To focus on cutting edge technology .

To emphasize on human interface and societal impact based research projects.

To integrate theory and practice .

To enable the graduate engineers into professional engineers.

To expose students into real -world industry –scale hardware, software and designs.

To form a sense of “ We-Feeling “by inculcating moral ethics.

To stimulate social responsibility among students.

Updated syllabus.

Access to modernised labs.

Experienced Faculty.

Holistic Teaching approach.

Focus on soft skills development.



Strong ethical values.


happy students


approved courses


certified teachers


graduate students

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